Outback prague shooting

Imagine the really strong event with a lot of things to do and to learn. Great experience and moments which you will simply remember for the whole life. We are talking about shooting range prague cheap. Our company is providing the best shooting experience in Prague since 2013. There are many packages for your own outback mission. Just choose one of them and of course your pick up and transfer back to the hotel is included. Keep in mind that also in shooting it is quite good to compete with your friends or colleagues so more attenders bring better and friendlier price for any single bullet. But of course, you can buy additional bullets and became a winner of the category.


Here you can find some packages which has to be introduced because your mission starts right here, right now. Each package or better to say mission represents a different equipment for shooting starting with Glock 9mm and you can also finish the mission with sniper rifle.

Did you know CALL OF DUTY? I am pretty sure you know…In this variant you can use whole our equipment:

Glock 9mm – 15 shots, Dirty Harry.44 – 5 shots, Hekler&Koch.45 cal. – 5 shots, Uzi – 15 shots, AR15 – 10 shots, Pump action shotgun – 5 shots, AK47 Kalashnikov – 10 shots, CZ 550 Varmint sniper rifle.308 Winchester – 5 shots.

And what about DIRTY HARRY?

Glock 9mm – 10 shots, Dirty Harry.44 – 5 shots, Uzi – 10 shots, AR15 – 10 shots, Pump action shotgun – 5 shots, AK47 Kalashnikov – 10 shots.


There are other variants like TRIPPLE XXX OR ARMY PACK. Everything according to your preferences to maximize your expectation. Please do not hesitate to ask our experienced instructor to help you with right choose, right use and right way how to get maximum from the special event which the shooting brings. We are looking forward to hearing from you, bullets are waiting.