Lasergame is not still the same

Lasergame is kind of game, which can be played by children, teenagers, adults, even by older people. There are some reasons, why it is like this. If you are quite experienced in playing Lasergame, then you might appreciate a lot harder type of game, which is Team Death Match with shield and ammo Which makes this type of Lasergame so interesting?

Aztec (14)

  • Certain quantity of ammunition, which aims to better player’s control of reloading
  • Very interesting arenas, in this case it is Labyrinth and Aztec
  • Players are equipped with shield, which makes all game much harder

Although it is not long fun, you will still enjoy it very much. It is because of very intensive fun of Lasergame. Yes, you could try paintball or similar kind of activity. These kinds of activity have to be operated in open area, which most cities are not. Lasergame is quite a opposite, because you only need small interior, which has look like some arena. In this arena, you can play very different styles of play modes, which means you will never be bored, and your friend as well.


It is cheap and very reliable kind of fun

Try to tell your friends, that in Friday evening you could play this kind of activity. Optimal number of players is about six or eight players, which could be classis office in your job. So, now you have your and enemy team. Now you should choose the right arena for your play. You can choose different arenas, optimal is around your office, so everybody will be in the place on time without any problems.

After the play, which can take approximately half an hour or maybe the whole hour, you should go to the pub or bar. In there you can discuss every moment of your gam, which will be very satisfying after that activity. You can be sure, that this activity become your favourite, so you will be in the arena every month, maybe even more often.